Hospital Packing List

For Mama

  • Insurance Card/Paperwork/ID.
  • Comfy breastfeeding friendly PJs. I got these pjs and they are super soft and comfortable. I sized up a bit since these aren’t maternity but otherwise, they are true to size. These were great to change into the day after I delivered. Plus, I was much more comfortable seeing visitors and taking pictures in something other than the hospital gown.
  • Extra Long Phone Charger. Let’s be honest, labor is a long process and you’re going to have a lot of down time. There’s not always a lot of outlets in the tiny hospital room and the only free one might be across the room. It’s better to be safe than sorry and have a long cord just in case!
  • Nursing Bras (2). These were and still are my favorite nursing bras. They are super comfortable and a great value. I also love that these come in a variety of colors.
  • Toiletries. Don’t forget these! I used my own shampoo, conditioner, hair ties, hair brush, deodorant, tooth brush and tooth paste. There was nothing better than having my own toiletries to freshen up before I left the hospital. You could also bring dry shampoo just in case there’s no time to wash your hair!
  • Always Discreet Underwear. These were a lifesaver and so much easier than the giant maxi pads and mesh underwear that the hospital gives you. I wore these at the hospital and at home during my postpartum recovery.
  • Comfy Socks. I loved having my own fluffy socks to wear. I bought a two pack of the cheap fuzzy socks from Walmart since I planned on throwing them away after I left the hospital.
  • Flip Flops. It’s always nice to have a comfortable pair of shoes if you need to walk around the hospital. Plus, they worked out perfectly for leaving the hospital.
  • Fridababy Momwasher. This was one of my favorite products for postpartum care both at the hospital and at home. The hospital gives you a peri bottle but the angled tip on this one is so much easier to manage.
  • Pillow. The hospital pillows aren’t the comfiest. Thankfully, I had my own pillow from home to help me rest. I bought a cheap pillow case for it that I was able to throw away after I left the hospital and it worked out perfectly.

For Baby

  • Going-Home Outfit (and backup!). I got Violet an outfit in 0-3 months because I was expecting it to fit and only be a little big. Little did I know, she would come early! Luckily, I packed a backup outfit in a newborn size for her to come home in.
  • Swaddle. I packed a cute swaddle to wrap Violet in for her birth announcement and photos. Otherwise, I just used the Halo Swaddle that the hospital provided.
  • Birth Announcement Props. I ordered this name tag and these wooden milestone props for her photos. (By the way, doesn’t Violet look so cute in that Etsy listing?!) Also, I packed a few bows to choose from that complimented her swaddle. *Just be sure to order these in advance just in case baby makes an early arrival!
  • Car Seat/Base. Make sure to properly install the car seat before your baby’s arrival. Violet came early so ours was still in the box but I will be sure to take my own advice for our next baby.
  • Newborn Hat. I got this hat in white and it was so perfect for the photos that the photographer took in the hospital!
  • Diapers. The hospital provides diapers but I was still glad to pack a few just in case.
  • Baby Mittens. I did use these at the hospital but ended up not using them anymore once we were home. They just wouldn’t stay on her tiny hands!
  • Baby Book. I purchased this one from Amazon and it is so sweet. Added bonus, our nurse did an extra set of Violet’s footprints in our baby book. Easy-peasy!
  • Diaper Bag. I used our diaper bag to pack all of Violet’s items in. I had so much fun organizing this as I was nesting during my last trimester.

For Dad

  • Extra change of clothes. James just brought an extra shirt and pair of basketball shorts. Being comfy is a must!
  • Charger. Don’t let him steal yours!
  • Entertainment. Phone, book, cards, Nintendo Switch…Basically, anything to keep him busy while he waits!
  • Blanket and Pillow. It was nice for James to have his own blanket and pillow while he slept on the tiny pull out chair. He even bought a special blanket just for the occasion.
  • Toiletries. He will need some too!
  • Snacks. He will get hungry. Just make sure he doesn’t eat these in front of you…or else!
  • Headphones. Just in case mama needs some peace and quiet!
What were your hospital must-haves? Let me know in the comments below!

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