5 Tips for Taking Photos With A Baby

Getting ready to have photos taken with your baby for the first time? Worried about maintaining a happy baby? Then keep reading!

Taking family photos with a baby can sound daunting, especially when it falls around nap time. For me, it came with a lot of unnecessary worries that didn’t really matter in the end. I searched high and low on google for tips for taking photos with a baby but none of the tips I read necessarily met the needs for my then five month old. Instead, I went with the flow and met my daughter where she was developmentally. With the following tips, I was able to have a seamless photoshoot with beautiful photos in the end.

Tip 1: Plan naps/feedings around photo time

Have a photo shoot at sunset? Try to plan accordingly and squeeze a nap or feed in right before! Nothing makes a baby happier than being well-rested with a full tummy. Since our photo location was thirty minutes away, we left a little early and fed her as soon as we got there. We also made sure that she got in a good nap before we left and let her nap in the car.

tip 2: get baby dressed right before

Let’s face it… blowouts happen, a lot. Don’t let a blow out ruin your baby’s outfit on the way to the shoot. Instead, get your baby dressed when you arrive just after their feeding. This way, there aren’t any blowouts and they don’t make a mess while eating. Just in case there’s an accident during the shoot, make sure to pack a spare outfit that you wouldn’t mind photos in.

Tip 3: bring favorite toy/pacifier

Sometimes, there’s a break between photos. Keep your baby happy with their favorite toy or pacifier. During photos, it’s also a good idea to hold a toy up to grab their attention and possibly get a smile.

tip 4: Try a mini session

Babies don’t have the longest attention span. Keeping them happy and entertained can go south real quick. If a full session sounds daunting, try a mini session. These sessions are often a lot shorter (and more affordable), which means your baby will tolerate it better and your chances of your baby getting fussy go way down.

Tip 5: Don’t have expectations

Going into a photoshoot with high expectations for the perfect photo will just stress you out. Instead, let go of the expectations and have fun with it. Trust your photographer and make the most of your session. Looking back, I bet that you will be much happier with the candids than a posed/fake smile photo that seems forced. Plus, a crying baby makes for a cute photo and it will be fun for them to look back on someday!

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