Violet’s Half Birthday

I can’t believe my baby is already six months old. How has she already been on this earth for HALF A YEAR?! It seems like she reached so many milestones this month and her little personality is really starting to shine. This month, she learned how to roll from her back to front and started rolling all over the house. She also is trying so hard to crawl and I think it will be happening in the next month or so! We also introduced baby food this month. While she’s still not the biggest fan, I’m excited to let her keep trying new things. She seemed to take after her mama, much to her daddy’s dismay, and like sweet potatoes the most!

Before we could celebrate Violet’s half birthday, she had her six month wellness visit with her pediatrician. She is finally starting to sky rocket on the growth charts and looked great. However, her pediatrician did find a small bump on her collarbone that seemed to be a callous from the aftermath of a break?? Not the best news to get right before she got her shots…but apparently, this is a common break that most parents don’t even know about. Often, it happens during a difficult birth or could even be from rolling around, which she’s been doing a lot of lately! We ended up spending the rest of our morning getting x-rays on our tiny girl, which was heart breaking for mama and daddy. We are super worried and anxious to get the results back, which will hopefully be tomorrow. Please keep us in your prayers! Violet is still her happy self and is moving around just fine so we are hoping that everything will look okay.

When we got home, I was determined to turn our day around and celebrate our baby girl. I decided that I wanted to have a mini birthday party and take cute pictures to have happy memories of this day. I ran to Walmart and bought the tassel banner to tape on her highchair. For the crown, I used some felt and cut out the crown shape. Then, I cut out and glued the numbers on the front. Lastly, I glued the ribbon on the rim to add some pizazz. For her bib, I used a plain white one that I had on hand and glued on the felt numbers and ribbon on the rim. Super easy and affordable! Highchair cushion can be purchased here.

I’m so glad I got out of my funk and did this. It really put a smile on everyone’s face and made the day a little sweeter. It will also be fun to compare these to her first birthday photos and see how much she grows over the next six months. If you think this is extra, just wait for what I have in up my sleeves for her actual birthday! Consider this my warning. Early apologies to my wallet, and my husband…

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