Violet’s First October

Something about October is just so magical. From the falling leaves and cooler weather to pumpkins and costumes. If you can’t tell, Fall is my favorite season and something about having a baby this October made it that much sweeter.

To kick off October, we visited a local pumpkin patch. I’ve always loved pumpkin patches but having Violet there with us made it SO much more fun. She tried to eat every pumpkin she saw and it was the cutest thing. We went on a weekday and it was totally empty (except for a nursing home field trip, swoon!) and it was so nice to take photos without a ton of people in the shots. I’d highly recommend going on a weekday if that’s an option for your family. Here are some snaps from our fun day:

Violet wasn’t quite a sitter yet so I stacked pumpkins around her to help hold her up. It was such a sweet day for our family and I look forward to it being a tradition for many years to come. Shop Violet’s romper here and socks here. I also snagged a mini pumpkin while we were there so I could get this cute pumpkin butt shot:

Another fun activity we were able to do as a family was to attend Pumpkin Nights. The displays were awesome and it was a fun event for the whole family. Violet loved looking at all of the lights and it was a spooky good time. Here are some shots from the event:

We also celebrated October by taking photos of Violet in a pumpkin. I mean, it’s a classic right? We had our niece over for the fun and let me tell you, getting photos of two babies in a pumpkin is no easy feat. When they weren’t trying to eat the grass, Violet was crying so we took what we could get. Mamas of multiples, I salute you.

What’s Halloween without a costume? I planned on making Violet a flamingo costume at first, but when I saw this costume while researching flamingo costumes, I fell in love. Unfortunately, it was an old-style from a couple of years ago at Target but I had to have it. I searched eBay and Amazon and was able to find it from a third party seller so I ordered it right away. So worth it, right? The wings and tail are my favorite part!

We went to Boo at the Zoo and had the best time. I bought Violet and her cousin, Crosby, mini pumpkin treat baskets and they loved chewing on them and banging them against the stroller. It was a super chilly day so luckily, crowds were low. Violet (James and I) got lots of her first candy, too!

I also hosted a small Halloween party at our house so matching family costumes were a must. I went to Disney World last month for a bachelorette party and grabbed this Snow White dress for Violet. That pretty much was the deciding factor that we were going to go with a Snow White theme. We love Disney so it was pretty much a no-brainer.

Since we were sick all week, I ended up having to make the rest of our costumes. I grabbed some purple fabric and Liquid Stitch from Walmart and threw my dress together. For the evil apple, I used an apple and some puffy paint. The collar and crown are from Amazon.

We also threw James’ costume together the night before. For his, I used hot glue and felt. I cut it to size and glued some ribbon on the rim. He sewed his boots right before the party and we glued them to a pair of his shoes. (Impressive right?) It ended up coming together SO well for being last minute. I’m excited for matching costumes to be a new tradition for our family, that is…until Violet decides to go rogue!

On Halloween, we were going to hit up some Trunk-or-Treats but it ended up being way too cold so we stayed in and passed out candy to trick-or-treaters. It was the perfect way to end our October.

There you have it, folks. October was a BIG month of firsts for Violet and we had so much fun celebrating her first October. How did your family celebrate this fun month? Let me know in the comment section below! I’d also love to see your costumes!

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