Holiday Gift Guide For Baby

Can you even believe that it’s already that time of the year?! Make your baby’s first Christmas extra special with these fun gift ideas. Enjoy!

  1. Handprint Ornament Keepsake Always remember how little your baby’s handprint or footprint was with this sweet keepsake ornament. This kit includes everything you need to create a super special ornament. Shop ornament here.
  2. Ball Pit This is the big item we are getting for Violet this year. I love that it’s aesthetically pleasing and not bright like the ones you’d buy at the store. This doesn’t include balls so be sure to add those to your list. Shop ball pit here.
  3. Grasping Activity Toy Violet has this toy and it’s one of her favorites. She has enjoyed it since she was around three months old. It’s a great toy for helping your baby develop their gross motor skills. Shop toy here.
  4. Jumperoo This is one of Violet’s favorite toys right now. It keeps her entertained and it gives this mama a little break. It’s adjustable for three different heights and the seat can be removed for easy cleanup. This was the most aesthetically pleasing jumperoo I could find that doesn’t scream “primary colors” like most other baby toys. Shop jumperoo here.
  5. First Christmas Outfit Take advantage of your baby’s first Christmas in every possible way with this super cute outfit. I love that it includes both a bow and a hat and the little reindeer on the butt is also to die for. Shop outfit here.
  6. Sophie the Giraffe Probably the most expensive squeaky toy you’ll ever buy but also the best. This little teether is one of Violet’s favorites. Shop Sophie here.
  7. Leapfrog My Pal Violet/Scout Another one of Violet’s faves. Easily program your baby’s name and favorite things for personalized learning. It also plays 40+ learning songs and teaches feelings, emotions, colors, and counting. Shop it here.
  8. Fisher-Price Walker Another item on the list for Violet! This walker features two ways to play with tons of hands-on activities to explore. Shop walker here.
  9. Freddie the Firefly Another one of Violet’s favorites! She has loved this toy since she was three months old. It keeps her entertained and is such a versatile and engaging toy. Shop Freddie here.
  10. The First Christmas: Lift-a-Pop Board Book Start teaching your baby the true meaning of Christmas early on with this fun pop up board book. Shop book here.
  11. Bright Stars Lots of Links This may seem like a silly gift idea but these things go everywhere with us. Violet loves chewing and grasping these. I also use them to hook toys to her car seat or high chair. They are seriously so multifunctional and a must-have item. Shop links here.
  12. First Christmas Ornament Another item to remember your baby’s first Christmas. Add a photo and remember your little one each Christmas for years to come. Shop ornament here.
  13. Mud Pie My 1st Merry Christmas Bib Adorable little bib for your little one to wear this Christmas. Perfect for photos and the little pom-poms are so stinking cute. Shop bib here.
  14. Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Baby Doll I’m so excited for this to be Violet’s first baby doll. As she gets a little older, there are tons of accessories (sold separately) to help her learn how to nurture and care for her baby. Shop Baby Stella here.
  15. Fisher-Price Little People Nativity It’s never too early to start telling your baby the story of Christmas. It also makes a wonderful and touchable Christmas decoration for your little one to enjoy. Shop Nativity Set here.

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