Free Christmas Delivery Driver Printable

Let’s spread some Christmas cheer this year! I saw this cute idea floating around Instagram to leave a treat basket out for your delivery drivers during the holiday season. I loved this idea and decided to jump on the bandwagon but all of the signs online were specific to just your standard delivery drivers. I wanted to have an all-inclusive sign because let’s be honest, food delivery drivers are a common occurrence over here! Instead, I put my art degree to some good use and designed my own sign to share. Scroll to the end to find your FREE Christmas Delivery Driver Printable below!

Making your box

I used items that I already had laying around my house but you could also hit up the dollar store for a cheap basket and some goodies. I printed my sign on some cardstock and taped it to a clothespin to attach it to my basket. You could also laminate your sign if snow or rain is a common occurrence where you live. I just plan on reprinting if the need arises. I’m interested to see how often I’ll have to refill my basket and really wish I had a Ring doorbell right about now…Ha!

I will keep y’all posted about how often I refill mine. I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with for their baskets! Be sure to tag me if you use my printable so I can see. Just click the link below and a pdf file with automatically download. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Click here to download free printable!

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