5 Tips For Flying With A Lap Child

Planning a flight with a lap child soon? Not sure what to expect? Stressed to the max? Then you’ve come to the right place! I was right there with you just a few weeks ago before our first family vacation. Violet is eleven months old and super wiggly, so I was terrified of what to expect. Plus, she’s not so cuddly these days so I was doubtful that she’d fall asleep. Prior to leaving for our trip, I polled other Instagram mamas and rounded up the most popular tips, along with what worked well for us. Continue reading below for five tips that saved our sanity while flying with a lap child.

SNACKS! I know this may seem like a no brainer but seriously, pack all of the snacks and then pack some more. The limit does not exist. Try to pack your baby’s favorites along with some new ones to spark your baby’s interest.

Pack a Busy Bag. Not sure what I mean? I went to Target and Dollar Tree and found fun little toys/random items that my daughter wouldn’t typically play with. Our busy bag consisted of a loofah, sticky notes, gift cards, pipe cleaners, a light-up wand, and a small book. I also found a bag that was stimulating that also acted as a toy. If she had been a bit older, I would’ve also included stickers or window clings.

Allow Screen Time. I know there are a ton of opinions out there about screen time but throw it all out the window, at least during your flight. Download ALL the shows/games on your phone or iPad. The app called “Fireworks” was a hit with our daughter but Elmo videos were a close second.

Choose Your Seats Wisely. If you’re flying with a lap child, try booking the window seat and aisle seat for you and your spouse. That way, there is less of a likelihood of the middle seat getting booked. Worst case scenario, you can trade seats if the flight ends up being full. We also picked seats near the back so we’d be close to the bathroom (and people tend to book seats closer to the front).

Baby Wear. If you have a carrier or sling, bring it. Although you can’t babywear during take-off and landing, it’s a lifesaver for having your hands free. Plus, your baby will be nice and cozy and hopefully more likely to fall asleep.

Remember to try not to stress out too much and enjoy your trip! Happy Flying!

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