DIY PUSH Car Makeover

I was so excited to get Violet a little car for her first birthday. I could already imagine how cute she would look while pushing her around our neighborhood. But there was only one issue…ALL of the cars were hot pink and super obnoxious. I questioned if I could pull it off but with a little pep talk from my husband, the project was a go.

The Mock-Up

I always have to start off every project with a mock-up. I’m a very visual person so I quickly did this render in photoshop so I could come up with a plan. I know this isn’t a possibility for everyone, so don’t be discouraged! After I mocked it up, I was ready to step into action.

Project Time

Since we are social distancing right now due to the pandemic, I ordered all of my materials from Walmart and I was able to pick them up next-day with my grocery order. You could also order your materials off of Amazon.


These are the only materials that we used for our car. Be sure to pick a spray paint that is for plastic!

Step 1

Start by placing a drop cloth or box under the main part of your car. Since the car already has a rough surface, we did not need to rough it up with sandpaper but be sure to do this step if you’re working with a different car. I would also recommend priming even if your spray paint is a two-in-one (we learned this the hard way). Follow the instructions on your can and apply an even coat of paint to your car.

*Disclaimer: We also removed the trunk but I would recommend leaving it on and covering it instead because it damaged the paint when we later re-attached it.

Step 2

Once the first coat dries, re-apply until your car is covered. Repeat on the opposite side. Be sure to wear a mask or work in a well-ventilated area!

Step 3

Once you’re finished painting your pieces, apply the clear sealer for extra protection. Allow the topcoat to completely dry before proceeding to step 4.

Step 4

Once you finish painting all of your pieces, allow for it to dry for AT LEAST a complete day before attempting to re-assemble. Follow the instructions for assembly that were provided with your car.

Step 5

Once your car is assembled, you may need to touch up any spots that were scratched during assembly. You can easily accomplish this by spraying paint on to a piece of cardboard and using a brush to touch up those spots.

Step 6

Apply any additional decorative elements to your car. We opted for vinyl daisies that I printed on my Cricut. You could also use stickers or even hand paint decorative accents. A name on the trunk would also be super cute! The possibilities are really endless!

That’s it! Easy enough, right? I hope this post inspires you to give your car a makeover! Let me know if you have any questions. I’m always here to help. 🙂

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