Master Bedroom Updates

Hey y’all! It’s been a while. I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July. We played it safe and stayed home due to the rise of COVID19 cases in our area. I was a bit bummed but I’d rather have my family stay safe. Luckily, our neighbors set off a ton of fireworks so we were able to wake Violet up so that she could see them for the first time. She was a little nervous at first but ended up loving them! I also celebrated my 26th birthday on the 1st, which is another reason I’ve been MIA. Quarantine birthdays are not much fun but my friends and family still made it special for me. For my birthday, I gave our bedroom a much needed revamp, which I’m sharing with y’all today!

I try to be intentional with this space since it’s usually my relaxing escape. Since we don’t own this house, I have no say in the paint color or else these walls would be a BRIGHT white with a fun accent wall. Needless to say, this isn’t ours so I have to do my best to make this house feel more like ours without making major changes. To make the space feel brighter, I switched out our old cream-colored duvet to this bright white micro-stripe duvet from Amazon. This helped a ton since our other duvet was basically the same color as our walls. We also ended up throwing out our rug since our dogs ruined it. I was pretty bummed about this but my husband and I both agreed that it kind of makes our room feel larger. I’m fine with it being bare for now but I will for sure be on the lookout for a new one!

I also added these fun dark green velvet pillows, which is a design first for me since I usually avoid color (besides in Violet’s room) at all costs. This is also a fun way to tie in the greens from the various faux plants in our room! Our headboard was a DIY that we made following a tutorial from Angela Rose Home ( Tutorial can be found here) and it turned out amazing. I highly recommend this DIY if you want to make a big impression for a fraction of the cost. With these simple changes, our room feels so much cleaner and brighter, without having to break the bank.

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