DIY Not So Spooky Halloween Wreath

It may seem early for some but I’m officially declaring that spooky season is here! I have so many fun things planned for y’all that I can’t wait to share. First up on the list is this Not So Spooky Halloween Wreath, which is super inexpensive to make since I found most of the materials at Dollar Tree! Keep on scrolling to learn how to create your own!


I highly suggest buying your materials at Dollar Tree to keep the price as low as possible!

Step 1

Start by making your pompoms using this handy dandy pompom maker. Keep making pompoms until your hand falls off…and then make some more. Ha! But really, you will need quite a few to create a full wreath!

Step 2

Tie each pompom to the wreath frame. Bunch them together and vary the sizes to get more depth in your wreath.

Step 3

Once your wreath is about 3/4 full, wrap the remaining side with yarn to create a “flat” base for your “Boo” sign.

Step 4

Paint your sign and let dry. Be sure to paint those edges, too! Also, please excuse my super glamorous workspace!

Step 5

Once your sign is dry, hot glue it to the flat portion of your wreath.

Step 6

Now comes the fun part! Add in all of your decorative elements! The fuller, the better! I used my glitter paper to cut out stars and then hot glued them to my wreath. I also added pipe cleaners, pompoms, star garland, and more to add more depth to my wreath!

Step 7

I finished off my wreath by adding the Dollar Tree spider to the middler and cutting out some little bats from my black felt. I love how it turned out and can’t wait to hear what y’all think!

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