Pram Makeover

I am so excited to finally share my Facebook Marketplace Pram Makeover with y’all! If you’ve been following along on my Instagram Stories, you know that I started this project weeks ago. It’s been a labor of love, that’s for sure! What I thought would be an easy and quick project turned into a whole makeover when my husband decided that he wanted to remake the entire frame, just for funsies. However, I’m so happy that we did because I love the way it turned out!

The Before

This was the listing photo from Facebook Marketplace! I scored all of these for $15! Stay tuned for the highchair makeover!


Step 1

The first step for this makeover was to disassemble the pram. Since it’s pretty old school, it had some screw caps hiding the screws so I had to pop those off prior to unscrewing everything.

Ste]p 2

I then sanded the wood that I planned on spray painting. Once it was sanded, I spray painted a few even coats according to the directions on the can. I realized that I didn’t sand well enough after painting the first coat so I sanded it one more time before finishing the remaining coats.

This was after the first coat, which is why I decided to sand it one more time before applying the remaining coats.

Step 3

Since it was missing a plank, my husband cut one of the 1″x2″ in thirds to make it the same width as the other planks. Then, we used a nail gun to attach it to the pram.

Step 4

Once the plank was on, I applied one more coat of spray paint and touched up any spots that needed a bit more paint. Yes, I realize this is a bit out of order but our wood had to be shipped from Lowe’s since it was out of stock so we had some delays!

Step 5

For the frame, we used the old frame as a guide. After taking the measurements, my husband cut the wood using a mitre saw. You could also use a table saw or circular saw for this step. For the slit where the pieces overlapped, he used his table saw and measured the blade to be exactly half the height of the board. Then, he made slow, continuous passes until the slit was the right width of the original board.

Step 6

Next, you’ll want to glue each of the two frame pieces together and clamp until dry. After the glue is dry, sand away any excess glue. Then, round those sharp edges using a hand sander.

Step 7

Then, clamp the two finished frame pieces together so that the holes for the dowel rods will line up once assembled. Using a 1/2″ drill bit, drill your holes for dowel rod placement.

Step 8

Using a 4″ hole saw, drill four wheels out of your 1″x6″ oak wood. Then, drill a 1/2″ hole through the middle so that your dowel rod will go right through. We stopped halfway through so that the dowel would not go all of the way through the wheels. Once your wheels are complete, sand the edges to make them nice and smooth.

Step 9

Now, you’ll want to screw each side of your new frame to the pram. Once assembled, slide your dowel rods through and then mark the sizing before cutting.

Step 10

Using the dowel rods you just cut, glue on one wheel, and let dry. Once dry, slide it through your frame and then attach the opposite wheel. Then, repeat this step on the other wheels. You’ll also want to glue the dowel rod for your handle on during this step. After glueing, I filled the holes with wood filler to achieve a more seamless look.

Step 11

Once everything is assembled, touch up any flaws and marvel at your new beauty!

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