Pink Pumpkin Fall Wreath

The first official day of Fall is right around the corner, so today, I’m sharing this fun tutorial for a PINK pumpkin wreath. I know, shocking, another pink craft, but I just can’t get enough of the pastel hues this season, especially as a girl mama! Of course, if pink isn’t your thing, you can totally get away with doing this wreath in any color.


Step 1

Take your yarn and begin wrapping around the first section of your pumpkin form.

Step 2

For the next section, you’re going to weave your yarn through each piece of yarn on your previous row, as shown in the photos above. Pull tight to close any seams and repeat on your remaining sections.

Step 3

After you finish weaving your wreath, prepare your materials to make a bow. I used two different ribbons and followed this tutorial from youtube:

Step 4

Attach your bow by wrapping the pipe cleaner around one of the frame wires. Then, attach one of your velvet pumpkins to the middle.

There you have it folks! A beautiful Fall wreath that’s sure to make all of your neighbors jealous! Be sure to let me know if you create your own and tag me on Instagram so I can repost!

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