DIY Glitter Leaf Place Cards

It’s official ya’ll, Fall is here! I don’t know about everyone else but Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season. Of course, Texas doesn’t have much of the temperature shift but I still love all of the activities that come with the season change. Today, I’m sharing this glam DIY for some leaf place cards (or gift tags) that will be perfect for your Thanksgiving table setting with the girls!


Step 1

Prepare your design and then print on your Cricut Maker at your desired size. I sized mine to 4.5″ wide and added a hole to the leaves so that I could tie them onto my pumpkins. Be patient because it’s going to take many passes to cut through the chipboard.

Step 2

Once cut, carefully weed out your leaf shapes and paint in your desired colors.

Step 3

Once dry, add glitter to the bottom edge about a half of an inch up.

Step 4

Then, take your paint pen and add the names of your guests to each leaf. You could also use vinyl for this step if you don’t have the best handwriting!

Step 5

Then, string your desired ribbon or yarn through each hole.

Step 6

If you want to keep the glam aesthetic going, spray paint some craft pumpkins in a gold metallic color to tie together with the glitter.

Step 7

Tie your tags to the pumpkins and then add them to your table setting for your guests to enjoy!

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