Walmart+ Easy DIY Valentines Day Cake

Walmart+ Easy DIY Valentines Day Cake

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Happy January friends! I’m sure a lot of you are busy taking down your Christmas decorations but if you’re anything like me, you’re already planning the next holiday. Valentine’s Day is upon us and I’ll take any reason to celebrate!

One of my favorite ways to celebrate and get ready for the holiday is to plan a small Valentine’s Day party for my kids. It’s the perfect way to kick off each holiday season and I love creating those magical memories for my kids. Of course, no party is complete without a cute cake but gourmet cakes can get pricey! One of my favorite ways to celebrate on a budget is to “glow up” a store-bought cake. Since I’m usually running around my house like a mad woman leading up to these events, I love to use my Walmart+ membership to order everything I need to get the party started. With free same day delivery, Walmart+ is my favorite way to save time and money (free delivery from your store* — $35 minimum. Restrictions apply). Be sure to check out the Walmart+ sign-up page to check out the benefits offered based on your location. The best part about Walmart+ is that you can shop with confidence since prices are the same as in-store.

For the cake, I ordered a 5″ Strawberry Cake with strawberry filling from the bakery. I love that the pink icing would seamlessly flow with my Valentine’s Day party but there’s always the option of a simple white cake, which is also available for delivery from Walmart+ if strawberry isn’t your thing! Before submitting my Walmart+ order, I was sure to add in ALL the things to decorate like sprinkles, heart message cookies, and these adorable ombre heart icing decorations. Of course, the micro heart sprinkles were Violet’s favorite.

No party is complete without a little decor so I threw in some balloons and roses to my Walmart+ order to make the party a little extra special. Walmart+ couldn’t have been any easier and everything arrived on my doorstep in no time, which allowed me to make sure everything else was set up and ready to go. Walmart+ is truly a lifesaver as a content creator and busy mom and I’m so thankful that I don’t have to haul my kids to the grocery store anymore.

When our Walmart+ order arrived, Violet and I got to work decorating the mini cake. We covered it in hearts and sprinkles and topped it with cookies, which were the perfect cake topper! The cake turned out adorable and I couldn’t be any more thankful for Walmart+ on days like this.

So now my question is, are you team gourmet cake, or would you try this budget-friendly cake DIY?! Let me know in the comments below!

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