New Must Have Toys from Walmart

#WalmartPartner Have you been to Walmart lately?! The toy selection is crazy good and I had to share a few of my favorite finds that you won’t believe I found at Walmart!! Get ready because I may have just found your kids’ next obsession! 

First of all, how cute are these new Mini BarbieLand toys?! I am a sucker for ANYTHING mini and these immediately had my heart! My daughter Violet will be so excited when she sees these and I really hope they come out with more because we will definitely be collecting more! The Cutie Reveal doll and doll house are our favorites!

Now can we talk about these new wooden toys by Fisher-Price that are exclusive to Walmart?? We’ve always been a wooden toy family so I was especially excited to see Fisher-Price come out with their own line! The quality is amazing and you’d never believe that they came from Walmart.

I ended up grabbing the picnic basket, coffee to go set and herb garden play set for my kids. I opened them as soon as I got home and Violet and Grey were so excited to play. I can already tell that these toys are going to encourage so much imaginative play! Which is your favorite? I’ll probably buy the tool set next for Grey’s upcoming birthday! #WalmartFinds

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